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AmbuAir flight personnel

Flight Crew

Our highly experienced flight crew will always do their utmost to make sure your flight is safe and pleasant. All flights are crewed by two experienced pilots. Our pilots in command (PIC) are captains with thousands of air miles and are experienced in operating to countless airports on all continents, worldwide.

Flight Crew Training - Our investment in your Safety

Our pilots have completed training in the prestigious Flight Safety Training Centre, where thy undergo an annual Recurrent Simulator Training, gaining valuable experience in handling exceptional and emergency situations undercontrolled conditions. Thus, we can assure a maximum level of safety on board our aircraft.

AmbuAir medical personnel

When transporting a patient by air ambulance, we believe it is important to have the most qualified medical personnel available on board, in order to offer the highest standard of intensive medical care. AmbuAir has the very best ACLS and ALS aero medically qualified staff consisting of:
  • ER Physicians and other specialists
  • Certified Registered Nurses
  • Advanced Life Support Paramedics
Prior to transporting a patient by air ambulance, the medical flight crew will review the patient’s medical history with the attending physician to assure that the proper medical equipment and medical staff are accompanying the patient. On most air ambulance flights, ER Physicians and/or a Registered Nurse and/or an ALS Paramedic will always care for the patient on board. When a specialized physician is needed, we cooperate with University Hospitals in the Prague region to arrange the highest standard of intensive medical care.