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On behalf of the entire AmbuAir Operations team we wish you happy and prosperous new year 2015 without turbulences!


On behalf of the entire AmbuAir Operations team we wish you happy and prosperous new year 2014!


Thanks to cooperation with Ambulance Meditrans we´re proud to be one of the first medical organization in the Czech Republic having used a new patient simulator for the medical crew education: The Resusci Anne Simulator with SimPad by Laerdal Medical Limited. The Resusci Anne Simulator is very unique due the wireless technology. Special SimPad monitor eases the instructor to overview the CPR performance, its quality and efficiency of all key skills required for emergency situations (e.g. vital signs records change according to the way of performing medical crew).


Selected transports in April and May: Miami, Goteborg, Antalya, Isla de Margarita (Venezuela), Brusel, Vilnius, Bangkok, London, Poryia (Izrael).


Air ambulance transport from Tenerife back to Prague, Czech Republic. From there the transport continued by our ground ambulance to Mělník hospital.


Selected transports in first three months of 2013: air ambulance transport of intensive care patient from Germany back to Prague. Other interesting destinations of airliner transports: Bangkok, Birmingham, Cancun, Moscow, Pune, Manly, Los Angeles, Bergen and Mexico City.


On behalf of the entire AmbuAir Operations team we wish you happy and prosperous new year 2013!


Selected transports in October and November: Palma de Mallorca, Copenhagen, Faro, Malta, Kos, Djerba, Lund, Basel, Antalya, Kyjev, Kathmandu, Bangkok and air ambulance mission from Pilsen to Lvov.


Selected airliner medical transports in September: Antalya, Burgas, Barcelona, Terst, Hammamet, Palma de Mallorca, Hurghada, Larnaca, Copenhagen, Tarragona. From air ambulance transports we would like to mention 4 day long mission from Guernsey (United Kingdom) to Kisumu (Kenya).


Medical transports in the second half of summer: Mizhhir'ya (Ukraine)-Prague, Antalya (Turkey)-Prague, Ajaccio(Italy)-Brno, Olbia (Italy)-Brno, Oslo (Norway)-Prague, Prague-Toronto (Canada), Malaga (Spain)-Písek, Barcelona (Spain)-Beroun, Rhodos (Greece)-Ústí nad Labem, Antalya (Turkey)-Copenhagen (Denmark), Antalya (Turkey)-Prague, Antalya (Turkey)-Městec Králové.


Airliner medical escorts in July: Palermo (Italy)-Prague, London (GB)-Prague, Rhodos (Greece)-Prague, Thessaloniky (Greece)-Kadaň, Barcelona (Spain)-Ostrava, Athens (Greece)-Bratislava (Slovakia), Hanoi (Vietnam)-Brno and air ambulance flight from Athens (Greece) to Prague.


Airliner medical transports in June: Lefkada (Greece)-Kladno, Zakynthos (Greece)-Riga, Rhodos (Greece)-České Budějovice, Paris (France)-Prague and air ambulance from Trenčín (Slovakia) to Łódz (Poland).


Two air ambulance flights were provided for czech clients during last week: Pisa (Italy) and Porto Vecchio (France).


New doublestretcher system LifePort Plus added to our equipment. Thanks to new doublestretcher system we are able to offer more effective multiple client air transport, especially when urgent medical evacuation is necessary.


In May we provided airliner medical transports from these destinations back to Czech Republic: Peking (China), Dubna (Russia), Singapur, Larnaca (Cyprus), Randwick (Australia), Denpansar (Indonesia). We also arranged transport of moldavian client from Prague back to Baku.


Transports provided as airliner medical escorts in April for czech citizens: Bangkok (Thailand), Gran Canaria (Spain), Volos (Greece), Umhlanga (South Africa), Kos (Greece).


In March we provided airliner medical transports from these destinations back to Czech Republic: Phoenix (USA), Montreal (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Vancouver (Canada), Tenerife (Spain), Belek (Turkey), Havana (Cuba). We also arranged medical transports for foreign citizens: Milan (Italy) - Stockholm (Sweden), München (Germany) - Saint Petersburg (Russia).


Today we provided air ambulance medical transport for a client from Prague to London. Whole transport, including ground ambulance transport, was performed under continuing intensive care.


Transports in February from the perspective of airliner medical escorts: Bayreuth (Germany) - Odessa (Ukraine), Koh Samui (Thailand) - Kolin (Czech Republic), Las Palmas (Spain) - Stockholm (Sweden), Geneve (Switzerland) - Tallin (Estonia), Bangkok (Thailand) - Stockholm (Sweden). Preparings for transports from Phoenix (USA) and Quebeck (Canada) are now in progress.


Today we transported our client who needed specialised healthcare abroad. Flight was provided from Doneck (Ukraine) to a clinic in Leipzig (Germany).


Airliner medical transports to Czech Republic in January: Abuja (Camerun), Barcelona (Spain), Iquique (Chile), Miranda de Ebro (Spain), Johannesburg (South Africa).
We also organized airliner medical transports of foreign citizens from Prague to Odessa (Ukraine), Larnaca (Cyprus) to Gothenburg (Sweden) and Franfurt/Main (Germany) to Vilius (Lithuania).


Air ambulance transport from Norwegian Capital Oslo to Prague and ground intensive care ambulance transport to University hospital Hradec Kralove.


AmbuAir Prague wishes you Happy New Year 2012!


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