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AmbuAir provides state-of-the-art medical equipment, consisting of a comprehensive selection of ICAO accepted units, allowing for intensive care of patients during all of our air ambulance flights, recommended by EURAMI /prEN13718-2 3.5/: Minimum Equipment List:
  • LifePort PLUS stretcher (2x) with adjustable head- and foot-rest and loading system
  • Second stretcher with adjustable head-rest
  • Power supply for 12 volt and 220 volt
  • Self contained oxygen source with quick-connection oxygen
  • Portable oxygen
  • Mobile multiparameter monitors Corpuls3, MEC 1200, Propaq Physio Control, Propaq LT
  • Pulsoxymeters Weinmann and Nellcor
  • Capnocount Weinmann
  • Bi-phasic defibrillators Corpuls3, Zoll M and Zoll 1400
  • Ventilators Dräger Oxylog 3000+, 3000, 2000, 1000
  • Suction units Laerdal
  • Linear infusion pumps Braun and Fresenius
  • Glucometres
  • Vaccum mattress and immobilization set /scoop stretcher, extension splints/
  • Burn victim transport set
  • Medical devices for intensive care diagnosis, injection, infusion and respiratory care
  • Cleaning and desinfection material