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Air ambulance flights


If some accident or a disease happen, transport home can be very demanding, the patient can feel tired or exhausted. You don´t have to wait for the plane, the plane is able to wait for you as well – this is our offer. All parameters regarding to the most possible careful transport are observed. Our special medical crew is prepared to supervise within the flight.

We are fully equiped with the modern medical technic machines to be prepared to guarantee proceeding intensive care during the flight. The flight is carefully managed according to the consultation between our doctor and a treating doctor abroad. We can arrange a convenient bed in the hospital (according to the present condition of the patient) the nearest possible to patient´s home. The transport by a ground ambulance to and from the airport, from bed to bed way can be managed.

Benefit the possibility of the speed of this transport and save your money. We are not reliant on the commercial regular lines.

Our team (consisting of two pilots, a doctor, a paramedic or a nurse) is available during the flight.